The Deluxe Grazing Table


The ‘Deluxe Grazing Table’ is the statement piece to any event. It is all things luxe, lavish and beautiful.

The Deluxe Grazing Table features simple green foliage and light florals with the addition of stands and marble boards to create height and depth into the graze. This graze also includes cheese knives and dip serving spoons.

Pricing starting from $600 at 1 Metre

The ‘Deluxe Grazing Table’ features the following:

Locally Sourced Quality Deli Cured Meats

Locally Sourced Quality Deli Cheeses

Locally Sourced Seasonal Fresh Produce

Locally Sourced Freshly Baked Breads

Quality Dips

Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Italian Balsamic Vinegar

Quality Wafer & Artisan Crackers

Quality Nuts, Dried Fruits & Antipasto

Quality Chocolate

*Fruit selection is made to match seasonal produce, can vary due to what fruit is best in season

*Option of a smaller selection of larger cuts of cheeses OR larger selection of smaller cuts of cheeses

*Items can be added or altered due to personal preference however an additional cost may apply depending on the items

*Gluten Free - Vegan - Vegetarian Options Available upon request and additional costs may apply.

If you would prefer a ‘per guest’ price guide, we offer Custom Grazing Tables.

We also offer optional additions to your Grazing Table. Florals and Foliage, Drink Stations and Trestle Table Hire.